Adar II 13, 5779ב"ה

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Arise and Rejoice | the resurrection

Week 1: Is it possible that a child who passed before the age of bar mitzvah, and reaches that stage of life in the hereafter, will be obligated immediately in all mitzvos when brought back to life?
Week 2: What will be the status of all previous High Priests when they are resurrected? Is it possible that they will all continue to serve in that capacity?
Week 3: Explore the Talmudic passage from Tractate Sanhedrin discussing from what age a child, who passed away, merits to be resurrected in the future.
Week 4: When bodies will be created anew upon being resurrected, will a child still be obligated in the mitzvah of honoring his parents? The answer depends on the reason for the mitzvah itself.